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Hi, I'm Jake.

I'm a full stack developer based in Shropshire, UK; I am passionate about code, new tech and problem solving. I am currently lead dev at MyAppuccino and have worked on some cool projects including Beano, Jaguar Land Rover, Pearson and been part of some awesome London based start-ups.

Why not check out my Github, Twitter, LinkedIn or ping me an Email.

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ToolZilla.app A WordPress/Coding blog as well as a resource for code snippets, tools, generators and more.

Appuccino A mobile platform for building and maintaining apps for iOS and Android over a CMS system.

Speak.js Allowing easy text to speech using Web Speech API.

Google Music Artist Skipper Automatically skip artists on Google Music.

jDate Easily format and return time and date in jQuery.

Updoot for Chrome Adds shortcuts, mods and tools for Reddit.

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Hey, I'm surprised you took the time to take a look here, this is support to be a minimap of the text in the left but decided to write a bunch of nothing here, so here you go.. consider this an easter egg.