Templates for Sendy

Since I've not contributed to this blog recently, I though I would post about a little project I've worked on for Sendy. In a nutshell, Sendy is a cool little tool that minimises the costs of sending out mass emails to your subscribers; it uses a super simple, AWS powered backend and the running costs are little to none.

A client of mine decided to switch to this system which was the reason I started using it and although it boasts a shed-load of functionality and customisation, it fell short with 'templates' something that anyone who uses other email systems like MailChimp will know and is something my client wanted.. so, I built one.

Templates for Sendy is a Github project that allows you to download and install template creating functionality into your Sendy system, allowing you to build HTML email documents and save them for use later on or as a way of giving members' of your team the ability to send out newsletters easily. Take a look at the project and let me know your thoughts.

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